Our Philosophy


At Panama we believe in the strength of independence. Why? It's quite simple: you can't be fascinating or inspiring if you simply copy what others do. Only by taking responsibility for your own actions can you step off the beaten path and discover new territories.

In other words: a successful brand takes its own path – and we are the partner who can accompany it along its way, right from the very start. Thanks to our own Markensystemik® (brand systematics) tool, we can analyse exactly where a brand comes from, and this enables us to predict precisely which communications strategy will help it achieve its goal.

So, if you're looking for a reliable partner whose enthusiasm and expertise can bring out the very best in your brand, and not just an advertising agency, welcome to Panama.


Panama -
might seem far away,
but it's really very close

Panama was, is and will remain owner-managed. Founded in 1990 in Stuttgart by Werner Bärtle and Günter Steinort. 2015 lovingly adopted by longtimeemployees Robert Kurr, Patrick Warnking, Sebastian Maurer and Thomas Schatton. Owners, who commit themselves to our clients' brands, but alsofor the Panama brand.

Panama has always been called Panama - and never took on the surnames ofits owners. Because the agency takes its customers as seriously as it doesitself. And the management views itself not more important than theiremployees.


at Panama,
you never stop learning. There's always something new.

Panama provides you with a team of skilled, enthusiastic specialists, but that doesn't mean they never look up from the screen. What makes us special is the way we communicate openly and directly with each other, across all levels of our company hierarchy and specialist areas. Our success is due to mutual exchange of information and ideas – all of which goes into promoting your brand. We work together to develop creative and innovative ideas that are not tied to a particular advertising medium. They can work on individual channels, or together as part of a tailored package.