Sweat once again paid dividends in the summer of 2015, thanks to Panama's second implementation of Reebok's successful "Every drop counts" customer loyalty campaign. Participants had the chance to earn attractive vouchers and discounts through diligent attendance of Les Mills fitness classes, confirmed by the instructor. The campaign also included incentives for Les Mills instructors, to boost their involvement and

strengthen their role as ambassadors. Instructors were awarded points for each person who attended their class, with some unique prizes on offer for the highest numbers of points. Reebok and Panama sent the top three prizewinners to a master class film shoot in Stockholm – an amazing opportunity for the instructors to work out with the best in the world.

The next ten prizewinners were invited to attend a Les Mills One Live event, where they had the chance to work out and celebrate with other instructors from all over the world. To support the concept, Panama designed and implemented a European campaign featuring on all offline and online advertising media.