Panama has won the account for the upcoming relaunch of Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH's “More Mercedes-Benz” magazine with a new content marketing concept. As such, both can continue their successful collaboration. From the start of 2017, the accessories and collection products will be brought to life around the world as authentic stories. The magalog, which is

available worldwide, will be the key medium for all content. Its topics range from sport, lifestyle and family to trends and innovations. “More Mercedes-Benz” also represents the strategy that Panama is pursuing. The future will see the magazine going into more detail and getting closer to customers’ living environments with authenticity and more information. The first issue will be

published in the first quarter of 2017. At the same time, all produced stories will also be prepared in a media-friendly format for the launch of the reworked website. In addition to pure editorial content, films, advice columns and a configurator will complete the package.

Until then, we’re going on the hunt for stories. To be continued...