Panama is converting the DEKRA safety brochures into digital format for DEKRA Automotive. The app’s special feature is that it is intended for use at trade fairs and in sales and to offer end clients added value. The result is the “DEKRA – in safe hands” app, a central portal for all current and future DEKRA brochures on the topic of safety. All content in the print version has been restructured for the digital brochures and enriched with additional images, animations and videos.

The digitally prepared contents are then split into several sections and integrated into the app in the style of a modern one-pager website. A swipe function combines the individual sections and enables intuitive navigation through the brochures’ contents. In addition to the visual and structural design, the app also has a few technical features: it runs on iOS and Android, can be used in portrait and landscape mode and is optimised for both tablets and smartphones thanks to its responsive design.

A special presentation mode, integrated specifically for use at trade fairs, automatically guides users through the brochures’ contents on request. An adjustable language menu provides a central location in the app for the brochures’ various language versions.

Why don’t you see for yourself? The “DEKRA – in safe hands” app is available for free download now from the App Store and Google Play.