In preparation for the start of the new football season, Panama and the Stuttgart football club VfB Stuttgart used Panama's Markensystemik® process to define the playing field for the brand's new profile. The launch of the club's "furchtlos und treu" slogan, meaning "fearless and true", clearly demonstrates the its ties with Stuttgart, Swabia, and its strong roots in the Württemberg region.

It also reflects the club's faith in the next generation of talent, the courageous sport of football, and the perpetuation of a tradition. To accompany the slogan, Panama also updated the club's corporate design. This was inspired by a feature that has been an integral part of its identity since 1925 - the red band around the chest on the players' tops.

This red band will now feature on all media, working with the new visual language to create a distinctive brand image. Panama is currently working on the first campaign visuals and actions in preparation for a successful start to the new football season with VfB.