Once a year the spotlight in the tennis world is on Stuttgart. The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix at Stuttgart's Porsche-Arena thrills audiences by staging ladies tennis at a global level – in 2015 now for the 38th time. Since 2007 Panama has been responsible for marketing the Business Seats, the Sport and Lifestyle villages as well as the whole communication for the traditional tournament - from the key visuals

via the live Facebook chat with the players to the menu. Next year too, the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2015 will again award the fastest prize in the world: the coveted winner's Porsche. The vehicle is presented dynamically on the key visual, supported by the activating "Go for it!" motto that lights up alongside

the pink eye-catcher ball from posters to grab the attention of the viewer and generate anticipation. If you want to experience everything live on 18–26 April: you can also obtain tickets by calling + 49 (0)711 – 2 55 55 55 or visiting www.porsche-tennis.de.