Panama’s new owners Robert Kurr, Sebastian Maurer, Thomas Schatton and Patrick Warnking (f. l. t. r.) will continue to form a team in the future with the founders Werner Bärtle and Günter Steinort.
Photo: Uwe Ditz

Werner Bärtle and Günter Steinort, the two founders of the Stuttgart-based advertising agency, are handing over to four long-standing employees after 26 years.
“The Panama gene characterises a large part of our culture. Selling to a network was never an option for us,” explains Günter Steinort, who managed the agency with his partner Werner Bärtle over the past three decades, turning it from a small design workshop into one of the most high-profile agencies in southern Germany. Today, Panama counts 85 employees and is proud of its broad, international customer portfolio. The

philosophy of the Swabians: we help brands to tread the best possible path – their own.
Panama is also treading its own path with its successors, and is turning to an in-house solution. The new owners are the previous unit heads and consultants Patrick Warnking, Robert Kurr and Sebastian Maurer, as well as strategy boss Thomas Schatton. The two founders will also support Panama in the future, but from the sidelines. Werner Bärtle commented: “I am delighted to continue writing the success story, even if others will now be the driving force.”
It is surprising that Panama, despite its history

and seasoned know-how, is still seen by many as a newcomer. However, this is an aura that Panama maintains and is happy to have rediscovered. In the process, the agency is constantly developing further, investing in the growing online sector and carving out new business fields and channels for itself with its own film production company.
Panama feels ideally equipped to face the challenges of the future, even after the change of owners. Patrick Warnking: “We are a well-coordinated team, and with four of us, we will definitely be going into things full steam ahead. We are ready.”