Panama won the project for Mercedes-Benz Accessories' sales literature for original accessories with an efficient brochure concept that can be adapted to all model ranges. The main task was to find a more efficient way to create up to 250 brochures per year without forgoing any of the usual high quality. Our solution was to design a brochure concept with a standardised, modular grid as the main feature.

Rather than designing individual layouts for each page as we would have before, templates and dynamic tables were used to streamline the creation of the overall layout. Panama has also eliminated repetitions in graphics showing precisely the same original accessory. The detailed ad specs are not specific to one vehicle, so they can be used for various model ranges. The same applies to product texts that will be standardised for

each model range going forward. This resulted in the potential for enormous savings to be made. Emotions did not fall by the wayside when increasing the efficiency here. Large visuals of the vehicle with a product highlight at the beginning of each section lead you through the brochures and are supported by emotional headlines written in a tone that reflects the vehicle's positioning on the following pages.