The baby car seat is packed, the POS package strapped in and the give-aways ready for delivery – from 1 October, the latest product from Britax Römer will be arriving in stores: the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE. To support the launch of the new baby car seat from the Ulm-based child safety producer, Panama developed an international product campaign.

Under the banner of "Life is a journey", the campaign uses emotional Polaroid images to portray the special early moments of a newborn's journey through life, starting with the first exciting drive home from the hospital. Panama produced and designed a key visual, POS materials, give-ways and an image video lasting just under 1 minute.

A range of materials was also produced to explain the new i-Size regulation and communicate it clearly to parents.

Mission accomplished: the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE is ready for delivery. Safe journey BABY-SAFE i-SIZE!