The Sternenbäck bakery from Hechingen has been baking its daily bread for 250 years now. This is an impressive feat. And as this is the case, and people like sharing this kind of thing with the world, Panama has designed a brochure for the special event that more than lives up to the occasion. But unfortunately only Sternenbäck’s staff and business partners will get to see it. The aim of the anniversary brochure was to find a charming way to

combine various areas so that readers could get a feel for the company and its daily work. It is an oeuvre that portrays a journey through the company’s long history – individual members of staff have their say and show how things are done in the large-scale bakery: with heart and soul. This is also the distinguishing feature of the brochure created in celebration of Sternenbäck’s 250 years. The passion for

baking meets the skilled craft of attractive design here. The images of the production facilities and the products taken at the photo shoot organised specifically for the brochure are impressive in their depiction of the journey from the grain to the finished loaf. Just looking at the tasty goodies is enough to “make your mouth water” in the truest sense of the phrase.