Panama Digital is Panama's online unit that features a large team of screen designers, concept developers, project managers and programmers. It creates award-winning web specials, money-making online shops, online campaigns that increase sales, banners that internet users actually click on, social media campaigns that turn customers

into fans, apps that impress distributors and end customers alike, displays that become the talk of trade fairs and websites that really suit the company. It goes without saying that we do not just convert your campaign to the digital world; we plan and implement everything as one integrated presence across all units and disciplines. Whether we start with a traditional or online

medium depends on the scope – there are no boundaries between genres and no leading media at Panama. It is just as self-explanatory for us to tell our clients that we keep up to date with all technologies, the latest trends and we know which system is most suitable for which use.


Social Media

The Panama Digital team do not just know about Facebook through reading about it and Instagram through listening to presentations – they live and work with new media and combine this with in-depth technical knowledge and creative ideas.


We understand our customers' business and know the requirements for online shopping. This is why we believe an attractive and modern product presentation is just as important as optimal usability in the online purchasing process.


Digital content and videos are no longer available solely on the internet. At events, at the POS, on trade fair stands – Panama has many years of experience in designing and implementing apps, 3D graphics, augmented reality and touch screens.


It goes without saying that websites at Panama Digital are mobile responsive; smartphone apps are part of daily business and campaigns are only really fun if they extend from the print medium to mobile media and into the online world.


A corporate website is a business card, reception desk, sales room and exhibition hall rolled into one for a company. The most important aspect for us is that visitors find what they are looking for easily and quickly thanks to optimal usability.


Product launches, events, key topics, promotions, sales campaigns, competitions, storytelling – a microsite or a web special and/or a landing page are especially good for a company that has a particular focus.

Online Marketing

Panama knows how and via which of the various digital channels users want to be contacted – communication via a search engine varies from communication via a personalised e-mail newsletter as does communication via social media versus communication via a landing page.


We have in-depth knowledge of all popular CMS and web technologies: from TYPO3 (with a Certified Integrator) and Contao to Redaxo and WordPress, from HTML5 to Javascript.