Human resources



Even the BENTELER Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of pipes for the automotive industry, faces the challenge of attracting highly qualified staff and graduates to the company.

So we at Panama asked ourselves: what is it that sets the BENTELER Group apart from its competition and convinces new talent and those with professional experience to apply here?


Our response: BENTELER is highly committed to people and their needs at various life stages, so this should also be the focus of the communication. As a result, we have based the new BENTELER human resources

campaign on key staff needs: talent promotion, individual career development, work-life balance, internationality and strategic options. Thus every need becomes a punchy argument, each packaged with an issue for the

future as a headline that directly addresses job candidates in their individual life stage. Just like the unexpected communication angle, the themes also appear with charming illustrations by Sebastian Iwohn.


The tone and illustration style enables the campaign to clearly stand out from standard industry HR communication and uses charm and intelligence to win over its audience. The campaign also features overlapping media, from image advertising to job ads and an animated film that brings the illustrations

to life, right through to a new careers website at the heart of the campaign. We have created communication that emphasises the fact that anything is possible for potential staff. Or as they say at BENTELER:

“Be it all at BENTELER.”