The dental implant market is by no means an easy one. With little differentiation in quality levels in recent years, the products are becoming increasingly interchangeable. This presented us with a challenge: How can we differentiate the brand? How can we raise its

profile? And finally, how can we persuade people to choose CAMLOG? As a result of continuously increasing competitive pressure, implant dentists are adapting to new requirements and expectations by also moving towards a cooperation approach: from the role

of supplier to a strategic partner who uses foresight and expertise to steer the practice to success. Foresight and expertise - that sounds like CAMLOG employees. And that's how the campaign came about.

IDEa aND implementation

Mit CAMLOG sind Sie besser aufgestellt (You are better prepared with CAMLOG).That was the umbrella slogan for our campaign - or rather our campaigns. Because instead of one general CAMLOG campaign, 44 special campaigns will be run this year: one for each salesperson. Under the slogan "Mit mir sind

Sie besser aufgestellt" (You are better prepared with me), a photo of each CAMLOG contact person is shown, giving the brand a face and thus taking communication to a very personal level from the very first contact. Of course, in addition to promoting CAMLOG's general services, each person can also

communicate his or her personal promise to the customer. This "personal" aspect is also emphasised by personalised mailings - and using vanity websites set up for each potential customer exclusively on

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Objective achieved

The CAMLOG brand has been given a face - representing another reason to choose it. Since the campaign has only just started, we are not yet in a position to provide any specific results. However, we have already achieved one intermediate goal: identifying the CAMLOG