Splaces - unlimit your workspace

Interstuhl has adapted to the new, flexible world of work and developed a new work concept that satisfies all the resulting challenges: SPLACES. It divides the office space into six different zones: Welcome, Relax, Meet, Lead, Work and Learn.

The task for Panama: So far, New Work offers have only been accepted to a limited extent. Obstractions in the head are to blame. Grown company and work cultures that cannot be broken down so easily. We have dealt with these barriers. And asked many questions. Because whoever asks, thinks ahead.

With the right questions, Interstuhl makes the leap from product supplier to competence partner - and presents itself on a par with the workplace strategists. The claim "Unlimit your workspace" also inspires, opens doors and

provides access to the mindset of the target group. With the help of contemporary and avant-garde CGI imagery, Panama is giving this concept a face.

The concept was directly implemented in the HUB product launch campaign.