Brand relaunch


2015 has been a big year for workwear manufacturer KÜBLER: with the incorporation of the Kempel brand intended to take the product range, sales and the overall brand image to the next level.

Panama has created a new corporate design, including a new logo and brand claim, as well as a campaign to relaunch the traditional brand based on the company's repositioning strategy.


Attention is casually and authentically drawn to the work on the brand using methods suitable for the target group. An industrial, XXL version of the KÜBLER logo takes centre stage in the campaign. Prior to the major relaunch, a teaser phase including advertisements in trade



magazines, a mailing campaign targeting retailers and a microsite sparked one thing: curiosity. The brand presented its new, fresh look at a corporate function, in a new general catalogue and across all media channels for its relaunch.


A strong brand grows from within. All staff were involved in the process from the outset and given a chance to have their say on the changes. This strategy proved successful: the brand's realignment came



across very well within the company and was definitely met with approval outside the company, with KÜBLER featured in all industry-relevant media for several weeks. The hard work has more than paid off.