Reebok enlisted Panama's services once again for its summer 2015 campaign. The focus for the new collection was on fitness classes in gyms. The campaign also featured the return of the extremely successful "Every drop

counts event. Second-placed instructors were invited to attend the Les Mills One Live event in Amsterdam or Stockholm - an opportunity to work out and celebrate with the best instructors in the world.


The new Reebok Cardio Ultra helps women fitness enthusiasts shine in every gym class. We conveyed this message with strong visuals and a catchy headline. The campaign was implemented for all major tools throughout Europe – both online and offline.

The Reewards programme was launched for a second time in the summer. Anyone attending

a Les Mills class could collect points by asking the instructor to confirm their presence by stamping a card or online on the specially created microsite. These points could then be exchanged for an exclusive voucher for the Reebok collection – redeemable at partner INTERSPORT. The Reewards programme also included incentives for instructors in the form of unique prizes for

the instructors who motivated fitness fans most effectively and recorded the highest attendance figures for their classes. The Reewards programme was accompanied by an additional in-store campaign: customers received a voucher for a free Les Mills fitness class with every Reebok product purchased from INTERSPORT.


Round two of the Reewards programme was once again very well received. The winning instructors flew to Stockholm to take part in a unique Les Mills master class film shoot – a great personal honour and a very special