ZEISS Birding




A fascination for observing birds and nature unites the international community of "birders" or birdwatchers. ZEISS' top-quality products help them live out their passion. To communicate the product range and the actual theme of bird-watching, ZEISS previously used

a periodic print magalog called "beyond Magazin". In 2016, this magalog went "beyond" into the Internet. Panama supported the move with a comprehensive online campaign featuring the claim "beyond goes digital" and including an exciting competition.


The existing blog on the ZEISS website was expanded into a comprehensive online magalog. It uses exciting multimedia stories from the world of birdwatching to invite visitors to linger and browse. The key feature of the online tagalog is an elaborate competition

subtly presenting ZEISS' products and their benefits. A total of six birds are hidden in two large landscape shots. The user's challenge is to find them and name the species. The mouse pointer turns into ZEISS binoculars to magnify the landscape - birdwatching goes digital!

The online magalog and competition were promoted using eye-catching postcards which were handed out in place of the print magalog at the most important trade fair, the Bird Fair, as well as wide-reaching social ads.


The high number of entries in the competition and excellent results from the social ads confirm the decision to take the magalog into the digital arena. "beyond goes digital" – and successfully!