The further development of the brochure for tablets. Secondary usage with added value. Panama creates apps based on finished brochures to make reading the content even more entertaining. Whether used with iOS or Android, the app is hybrid. The brochure includes links to optional additional content such as films/animations which makes it an interactive experience in which additional languages can also be incorporated.

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We use the Customer Journey as a means of analysing the individual cycles the customer passes through when deciding to buy a product: Attention, information, conviction, purchase and loyalty. The Customer Journey is an effective tool when it comes to efficiently arranging measures in terms of time and content. It can also clarify objectives, simplify planning and help to define ideas.

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Controversial term analysis, Ishikawa fishbone diagram, 635, mind mapping, metaplan, De Bono's thinking hats or proper brainstorming. Brain ache? The seminar workshop provides an introduction to and practise in creativity and creative techniques that enable you and your employees to come up with the right idea at the right time in future. Duration: 1-2 days.

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How satisfied is the customer? How does the customer perceive your brand? Would the customer recommend you to others? What is the customer’s expectations? Or do you have another burning question perhaps, and you require further insights in this area? With the POC (Panama Online Check) gives you the opportunity to carry out qualitative research - even with larger samples (up to around 100 participants). Participation rates up to 80%!

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Finding the right name. But how? How do we find a name that gives the products, personalities and brands a unique profile? Panama helps with a tried and trusted process of identity-based name development based on the Markensystemik® branding system. Including legal advice and even registration in national and international brand registers.

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Mobile Marketing Workshop

As the audiences of mobile users are on the rise, it is important for companies to work on a mobile strategy. But what is really necessary and correct? We identify corporate objectives for mobile marketing and develop potential measures to achieve these objectives as part of a one-day workshop, with marketing, sales and service employees.

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Social Media Workshop

Why do you need Facebook? Do you also need to have a presence on Twitter, Instagram, etc.? And what do you want to say? Who will handle it? Panama helps answer these questions in a one-day social media workshop. This deals with a subject from a customer-specific standpoint and thus highlights your individual requirements. Activities range from assessing potential channels, to developing objectives, general principles and deriving initial content ideas.

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Panama participant management helps you to manage and organise your event. This automatic process keeps invitation and registration data up-to-date at all times and your customer data can be updated automatically in the CRM. On the day of the event our tool helps with simple check-in and printing name badges; you can then communicate with the participants and provide documents for download, for example.

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